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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cakes, Cupcakes, Cakes and more Cakes!

This month has been a crazy month for cakes. I am working on graduation cakes right now with diploma decorations, graduation hats and graduation themed cupcakes -- a novel item for a small village but best to make the graduates parties a fun thing which can bring lasting memories. I also have settled on making specialty cakes, since my forte is in fondant, buttercream icings and I also bake my own cakes.

Sugarccraft.com, wilton.com and the bakerskitchen.net are some good sites to find tools of the baker's trade that come to mind as well as Amazon.com!

But there are definitely trials and tribulations of living in a small town. Grease resistant cake boards have been difficult to find as have cake boxes, so I have been forced to go online to order them as I have had to do with the specialty cake pans -- as there is not a good baking supply store in a town of 11K people. I know, I know it IS a travesty to not have adequate supplies! So, I must say that I am making do with what I can find and an occasional trip down to the nearest big city always leads me to look for baking supplies as well as ingredients for my Vegetarian Cookbook testing.

But enough of my digressing, I am in search of more "trinkets" to place on my cupcakes, and CAKE BOXES before Saturday!!!!

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