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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May is here, spring has sprung but it has yet to really take hold in the mountains :(

I can hardly believe SPRING is here. Dust storms have been raging for most of the week. Now the temps are back down to 40's - 50's during the day and appears to be a dusting on the mountain now (probably tonight too).

As for the writing of cookbooks, been busy painting with acrylics, writing short stories, taking pictures of scenery and food photos and finally got my laptop set up (came with a Memory card slot). I went to the State convention for the Federated Woman's Club last week to which I belong and had a good time. Working on english to Spanish translations for a couple of folks, and working on the pics of the penne dish I published in this blog a month ago and have been working on pulling together some cake recipes and helping a follower with her frosting skills. Nice when you can share your knowledge with others.

A photo of the latest cake I made for my daughter's birthday. Devils food 3 layer cake with white chocolate frosting.

This picture below was taken while on a walk with the dogs about  1/2 a block from home.

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