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Fall is here! Clean out that fridge and freezer!

Well. Just six weeks ago my husband and I moved from one side of the country (east) to the southwest again. Now that the move is over fro...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bummer - My Greek Cookbooks are missing!

Must from that last move from TX to NM.

Not to worry - this only gives me license to search/cook recipes and create recipes to add to my third cookbook Vegetarian Fusion.  I think I will start with Spanikokpita first. Now to find out how to make Phyllo or a good puff pastry (perhaps now I have to look at those French cooking class materials to get a good recipe else go find some store bought Phyllo).

See you all soon with recipes!

August, Green Chile and Greek Foods

Summer is nipping at our heels, as the cooler weather will be soon.

The kids have gone back to school (or are about to go back to school). We are ALL getting back into the groove of life's End of Summer and into the Fall routine, and it's time to go purchase pounds and pounds of the Green Chile harvest and fill up our freezers with the green stuff.  I've been told that after Labor day has come and gone is the best time to get your Green Chile, so this year I will try to do so and see what delicious Green Chile has to offer my taste buds after Labor Day.  I have also heard that Green Chile gets hotter with each year that passes as it sits in the dark icy chamber waiting for us to pop it out of it's deep freeze -- the jury is still out on that one as I have never been able to keep it more than a year!

Now then, the approach of Fall also spells the beginning of Festivals and the Greek Food Festivals are delectable Festivals -- a slam to your taste buds with the delicious deserts such as Baklava, Koulourakia, Loukoumathes, Galaktoboureko, and Kourambiethes not to mention savory dishes such as Pastitso, Spanikopita, Souvlakia, O Sabouras in Naphilon and of course Greek salads w lots of fresh Feta and Hummus.  So, I will be checking out a few Greek dishes on this cooking site....too!