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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lily the Rescued Rat Terrier!

My husband and I rescued a rat terrier dog this month.

We are in the process of nursing her back to health and giving her a life.

I have seen, read and heard so many senseless ways people rid themselves of dogs. I learned this all while looking for a dog to give a good home. When we drove to pick up Lily, we found a dog who was neglected. She had been crated for too long (we think), she was wheezing, dirty, smelly, living in a crate in the shelter and was trembling. She was afraid of the other dogs in the shelter. We decided we wanted her before we met her, so we also brought "Rocky" our min. Rat Terrier to meet her and they hit it, or so it seemed.  As we were leaving the shelter, in a room on the right, we saw a bundle of fur, several newborn puppies bundled in a basket, all sleeping piled over each other sleeping in a warm room. The owner of the shelter told us they found the puppies the night before, the pups had been left out in the cold. They had been in water and it was cold outside, time would tell if they were to survive. They were bundles of fur. How could someone do that to puppies? Too bad we could only take one dog (Lily) home.

The shelter had Lily checked out once we contacted them via email that we wanted her, we paid Lily's fees, picked up her antibiotics, and we took Lily and immediately. We bought her food, water, a sweater, a harness and let her sleep for awhile in our hotel room. We began the process of (my husband and I) trying to get her to bond with us. I gave her a bath later that night, fed her. Lily is now resting in bed with my husband. Rocky is sitting with me as I update the blog.

Lily is a cute 9 lb rat terrier dog who seriously should weigh a bit more. Thin, long in body, she is timid with strangers. She is learning to get along with this family, she is a gentle dog, sweet and lacking the nurturing which she deserves.

Lily will be "spoiled" rotten, something which is within not only mine but also in my husbands power.
I will post photos of the dog Lily once I have some!

Let's hope our dog Rocky will also really "bond" with her. He is a bit jealous now that she is with us!
Slow introductions help, no forcing of those bonds or they will not hold.

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