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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Creation of Brands

Well, it has been over a month (barely) since I wrote and published the first cookbook entitled "Exploring Mexican Cusine: Abuelita's Kitchen. I have been working on that seems like forever.  I have begun the daunting task of marketing the book. In one months time I have sold over 60 copies. I am aiming to sell at least 500 copies this year and I know next to nothing about Advertising/Marketing a book.

So, here I beging the process of writing a Press Kit for submittals.

Sharon de los Santos announces the release and availability of her debut non-fiction cookbook, "Exploring Mexican Cuisine: Abuelita’s Kitchen" on December 10, 2009. It is available for sale at the local 102 Center retail store located in Ruidoso, NM, on her website identified below and on the Amazon website. The cost for a copy of the 8 x 10 paperback book is $11.95.

“Exploring Mexican Cuisine: Abuelita’s Kitchen”, is a cookbook based on one hundred year old family recipes from Mexico. She modified many recipes to be healthier, yet accessible for the modern American kitchen. This book includes "traditional Mexican dishes" as well as updated southwestern and Yucatan dishes like "Green Chile Chicken Tamales", "Pescado Vera Cruz" (Fish Vera Cruz style), and comfort food like "Arroz con Pollo" (Chicken and Rice), as well as traditional cookies "Polvorones".

From an early age, she loved cooking and realized that we all celebrate many important milestones in life in the kitchen of family and friends. She discovered as a teenager that she could write and her teachers and professors suggested she continue to write, from this point forward her love of writing blossomed along with her cooking skills.

Copyright 2009

All rights reserved.

Publication Date: Dec 05 2009

ISBN/EAN13: 1442113936 / 9781442113930

Page Count: 142

Categories: Cooking / Regional & Ethnic / Mexican

Author: Sharon de los Santos

Website: http://www.abuelitaskitchen.com

Available @ Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Exploring-Mexican-Cuisine-Sharon-Santos/dp/1442113936/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1261854964&sr=8-1


I submitted for a copyright for the book, requested an LCN for libraries and bookstores and hope I crossed all the T's and dotted the "i"'s!
One more thing. When I was at my last Writers Meeting two weeks ago I was ripped open by a fellow member (who I might mention does not write) who laid into me for a "WRITING CHALLENGE" that is writing at too high of a level. If I do use 50 cent words it is simply because I write as I would speak. Please know, I am not not being a high falutin (is that a word??) ass-wipe.   I obviously tried to edit as I went from paragraph to paragragh and lost my focus...ugh.....

Also, I know now that I should not edit any of my writing until I have finished it!  Write first, edit later!


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