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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beautiful Pepper Place Market Produce - Making Ristra's

I decided to buy some Cayenne peppers while at the Pepper Place market and am stringing some up for use later. Made a batch of salsa with the fresh Roasted Cayenne Peppers, made Chili and Picadillo with the Cayenne Peppers. They were a fresh treat. You can dry them for use later (grind them up about a month iafter they dry in a dry place or just use them as decor).

To make a Ristra first hold 3 peppers together by the stems and wrap a length of cotton twine or hemp around the stems to bind them together. Tie the loose end of the string (bring it under and make a loop under and over the top to secure and tie off ) around 1 pepper and back up to the stems. Make a half hitch to secure the cluster of Caynenne Peppers. Repeat again with 3 peppers, keep clusters about 3 to 4 inches apart. Keep stringing the peppers in 3's and cut off the end, make a loop and start another strand if you have enough peppers.
Now take a length of florist wire, loop one end to keep the hot peppers from falling off and braid the string of peppers around it. Hang the ristra from any horizontal support.

Here are few pics of produce I picked up while there.

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