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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kindle content

Not sure how many cookbooks are in the Kindle format or in Nook format for that matter. Apparently Kindle sales are surpassing Book sales now on Amazon.com. Brings to mind a few questions?

With the shrinkage and demise of the traditional brick and mortar publishing industry off in the future. Is E-Publishing the way to go now? Does it mean that over time, profit lies in e-books, blogs, speaking about our writing, is the publishing industry going the way of the music industry?

So, continuing to blog, generate revenue via an e-book, learn how to market your e-book and get into actively seeking out speaking engagements. Finally, releasing an e-book before publishing a printed book later may be the way of the future.

Wonder where this is taking the publishing industry and writers in general?  Perhaps changing the way things are being done?!

I love to blog and so I shall continue to share!

Leads me to the next thing I have to figure out. I have begun the search -- how to convert the second version of "Abuelita's Cocina" into a Kindle format first, and have about 1/2 of it completed. Makes me think there has to be an easier way to do this...then I can work on a hard copy format. Makes me think I need more anecdotes in vol 2! This presents special problems as there are some limitations concerning what can be pulled into a Kindle format. For example:
  • Kindle does not support tables in their books
  • Kindle uses a place holder, and numbers the pages in a different format
  • Kindle requires it own ISBN separate from your printed copy of a book

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