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Friday, April 15, 2011

Four Minute Corn on the Cob!

OK, this is one of those "doh" moments. How to FIX Corn on the Cob in a hurry.

You have been toiling over hot coals, you made all the sides, made the barbeque but somehow forgot to throw the corn in a pot of water to boil. This how you get it done - superquick!

Take 2 ears of corn, leave the silk and 2 inner husks on the corn on the cob. Wash the corn under water, place the shucks back on, don't worry if you did not get all the silk off -  and put on microwave plate. Trim the ends of the corn and pop the plate in the microwave.

Cook the corn for 4 minutes, remove corn (at this point you can add another two in the microwave and nuke another 4 minutes). Let corn cool for a couple of minutes, pull off the husks - silk sloughs off with the shucks. Add butter and pepper or salt and serve immediately.

This is so easy.

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