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Thursday, November 5, 2009


October has come and gone.

Had my "Intro" edited by my writer's group, the "Intro" is now updated, personalized and backed up. My wonderful hubby has helped with formatting the pages, yet again! In addition, since we sold our home in Texas I had to move everything. That move took over 2 weeks to complete! Then I headed off to Spain to sample some authentic Paella and other Spanish dishes, as well had a REAL vacation.

Madrid was wonderful; I tasted authentic TAPAS and had some lovely Spanish wine. However, I must admit I loved Barcelona and plan to head back to Spain some time. I also hit Malta, Italy and France while I was visiting Europe and must say that the Italian countryside was beautiful and the pasta and wine were delicious. Spain was clean as could as could be and Malta had some great wines as well. Southern France was great as was the French Riviera, and let me tell you those French women were trendy, slim and so well dressed. One thing, which I noticed about everyone in Europe, is that people there had not bitten off on the "rat race mentality" here in the states. So many people were out walking dogs, playing with their kids, enjoying and living life!

Now I have time to get back too that book. I just arrived in the states and will be working on the "Table of contents yet again" and uploading the softcopy of the book for approval. Expect the first copies of the book will be available in soft back copy. I uploaded the content for the hardback copy of the book (which will be a few dollars more) and will get that interior file uploaded and reviewed to check and see when it is ready to be published (more photos and a few more hints will be included in the hardback cookbook copy).

Therefore, November will be good, as I will be listing the book on Amazon.com as soon as the TOC is completed.

Ciao for now all!

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