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Well. Just six weeks ago my husband and I moved from one side of the country (east) to the southwest again. Now that the move is over fro...

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Greetings all, I've moved twice since my last post, lost another cute fur baby who passed away at 14 years of age. Went through the process of a  female type of surgery and am in the throes of nursing my husband back from the brink of the insanity of chemotherapy. Also, in the planning stages of execution of a wedding for my one and only daughter. Life has been interesting if nothing else.

I've managed to keep the fires of writing alive, but am postponing releasing my next cookbook and novel until I have completed my next year or two of non-profit management due to conflicts.

Living out of a suitcase on and off between Austin, Tx and in San Antonio, TX in the last three years has been crazy busy. While in line for tamales at Delicious Tamale Factory I saw an old college friend. I called out to her and was able to get her to turn around. After not seeing her for 30 plus years she had not a clue who I was. But that changed about 15 minutes later, she was as dumb struck as I was. We have rekindled our friendship, food is at the root of this alliance, we are on a trek for the best  of everything edible we can find.

Below you will find some of my tamales, gorditas and there are other recipes to keep you busy!


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