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Thursday, January 12, 2012


As the year of 2010 came to a close and 2012 came into focus. I thought about making a New Years resolution. Most people will make a resolution, keep for a small number of months, weeks, days, perhaps even just a few hours. In my mind it is just not worth it.

So, in honor of NO NEW YEARS resolution this year. I think it best to not worry or stress about breaking a New Year's Resolution.

Give up Chocolate? Nah, opt to get the best Chocolate you can buy!

Give up wine or spirits? Not a big drinker, so best to cook with the good stuff and indulge myself in good wine and spirits.

Not use the good china? Nah, life is to be enjoyed as well as your china and crystal. Use it and relish the fine china and crystal.

Go to church more? While I love to go to holiday services - going weekly is not my cup o tea.  Not cool to go to church and come out acting like the devil!

Diet? No, eating sensibly is the best option. Don't let food become power over you.

Fret about finances? Nope, live within your means. You can find so much that is free to do, swap with others, co-op and grow a garden to revel in growing items you can feast on!

Worry about what others are saying about you? Why, who cares what others think. Do what you love, and love what you do. Don't listen to the naysayers! Not worth it!

Go to the gym three times a week? Well, if you are paying for a membership go or lose it! That simple! You can choose to go to the gym or walk 30 minutes a day (10 minutes here and those minutes sure accumulate fast).

Put your budget on a diet? Cutting down on expenses. Look through your kitchen, your closet, your apt or home, your land, your attic, your craft stuff, your garage. If you have not used it in 1 year. TOSS IT! Look at what  you can get rid of, things you don't need (might be someone else who NEEDS it) and you can clear your place of excess and perhaps donate it (tax deductible) or sell it! Use the money you make or save to pay your bills.  You might have so much clutter it is self defeating, and you will most likly find things you forgot you had. So, go do that now!

You make your choice? Your thoughts are your own.. 

Be sensible but yet deny yourself nothing.

Yes my hair my grow grey, my waist may grow thick but I for one will be walking, enjoying life in the hear and now and trying not to let life's hiccups twirl me into a dark apathy and depression.

Dec 21, 2012 is coming this year. Will it be the end of world? I think not. Just more pronounced changes and introspection  leading to  a better life. So, do what you will but I for one will live in today, look forward to tomorrow and live my life in the present, honoring my life and those around me!

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