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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update of my Abuelita's Cocina cookbook volume 2, Cupcakery and Charcuterie!

I have been pouring over the manuscript for my next version of my cookbook "abuelita's cocina" decided to add some Spanish recipes I have been testing to it. I am checking out the growing alternative of releases for reading via a KINDLE version. Have noticed that my HTML skills will need to improve to finish this up.

Brings me to  to the next subject of my other cookbook which is all about Cupcakes and "how-to" start up a business. I am all about cupcakes, but admit my netbook being out of commision has set me back a bit. So, now that I have rebuilt my machine, copies my files off (Glad I backed it all up) and now have a KINDLE to play with, I've research to complete for "Charcuterie" -- so I will be busy, busy, busy for the next few weeks.

However, I will continue to check in as I try new recipes I've come up with and will share these with everyone. Meanwhile, have some new spices to get (harrisa for one) and cooking to try out, pictures to take and so forth!

Luck of the Irish to you today (it is after all - St. Patrick's Day)!

Have a green beer for me today!

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