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Saturday, March 27, 2010

March and status on books

Been felled by a vicious stomach bug which I passed off to my husband. I go for days without eating and lose 5 lbs he goes for 2 days with nothing and loses 10 lbs. Life is not fair. But then, I've ALWAY kind of known that. HA HA.

I've been playing around with the thought lately of writing a third cookbook. The creative juices are stirring and while I am compiling a list of Breads recipes, continue the writing of my Cupcake cookbook (about 50 pages through first draft), am putting an outline together for a VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK, am also working on a "limited edition" of my "Abuelita's Kitchen" Cookbook with color photos.

Leads me to my next question. What else do I need to finish? The breads recipes for this blog, the sewing of a few drapes, a carrot cake (unless she changes her mind)for my daughter's 25th birthday this week, finish a painting of a YUCCA Flowers, finish up a 500 page historical novel, read about 4 books and lastly complete the copper consignment designs I need to finish (only 4 rings, and a couple of leather necklaces to go).

Brings me back to the thoughts about a Vegetarian cookbook. I would like to delve into this possibility a little further, add more cuisines from around the world, means doing some research too, and see what "audience" I will be catering to should I decide to move on this thought...which I may...

"Is she crazy?", you may ask. Possibily. But you know the old adage. If you don't try you won't succeed. Or something like that...

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