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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 list for 2009! Happy New Year to everyone!

Hi all,

As, the year 2009 comes to an end and we ponder what happened over the last year. Let us take a little time to reflect back on the year. Here is my top 10 list.

1) Obama was the first black president elected in the US!
2) Michael Jackson (the king of POP) Died
3) Smart phones went crazy - remember the wait line to get the latest and greatest new tech toys (instinct, iphone, and so on)?? What about the apps and the push to become electronic and connected. Did all that being connectedness leave you with a feeling that you needed to "DISCONNECT" sometimes????
4) Sex Scandals (political, show biz - yeah I mean David Letterman) and the whole Tiger woods scandal which just got worse and worse - what the hell were they thinking??? Don't forget SEXTING (new buzz word)
5) H1N1 Flu scare - who has gotten their H1N1 shot??? Not me! Controversy abounds and altho I volunteer in a hospital why get the H1N1 shot if most people who are exposed to it do not get it. (namely my husband had the flu and I shared the bed and house and never got it)
6) Abuse is bad. Be it physical abuse of Chris Brown to his sweetie or the language of Kanye West's retort to women (will he ever learn)??? No, once is all it takes!
7) Facebook and UNFRIENDING people acting as your buds but who are lurking "sicko" types!
8) Gosslin vs Gosslin - have we been punished enough for watching "reality TV" already?
9) Susan Boyle - what a voice!
10) It's the 80's revisited! Wonder if the BIG HAIR IS COMING BACK??? Time to take all those old "hippie" clothes out of the closet!!!

So let's take a little time to ponder, think of those which you want to add to this list (or change altogether) and give thanks that even though the economic times are hard as hell right now we are alive and well. After all, hard times are supposed to build character, right? So, time now to think of those new years resolutions we are all thinking of. I won't put down "lose a few pounds" as we all know it is on my list and always will be! So, here goes, I for one will have a few resolutions for 2010.

1. To be a bit better at writing and providing updates on this blog!
2. Exercise more in 2010!
3. Find time to write everyday (or every other day).
4. Give thanks for what I have (rather dwelling on what I still need to work on even if they are goals)!
5. Take time to enjoy my family.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year in 2010!


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